About Us

About the company

Semenya Furumele Consulting (Pty) Ltd (SFC) was established in 1995 by two black civil engineers, as a new generation consulting practice since the advent of democracy in the Republic of South Africa in 1994. From small beginnings in a house office in Benoni, the company has grown to a present day total of six offices with a footprint covering the entire country.

In 2002, Semenya Furumele Transportation Engineers (Pty) Ltd (SFTE) was registered as a subsidiary in response to anticipated major fiscal spend in the development of transportation related infrastructure such as;

  • The Gautrain
  • The ACSA airports upgrades
  • The upgrade and establishment of new railway infrastructure
  • The corridor concessions such as the Maputo Corridor, Bakwena Platinum Corridor etc.
  • The freeway improvement in preparation

SFC Engineers (Pty) Ltd was established in June 2009 to consolidate the operations of Semenya Furumele Consulting (Pty) Ltd and Semenya Furumele Transportation Engineers (Pty) Ltd. Through this consolidation, we aim to continue, and even better, the established project delivery track record that we have come to be known for. We will always aim to employ state of the art technologies, managed and run by a well qualified professional staff complement. We strongly believe in continuing professional development, to ensure that our staff is ahead of the competition at all times. The company supports all endeavours by the South African government to transform society to a homogeneous populace.

Black Economic Empowerment

In response to the challenge to create an equitable society, The Company is committed to broader social and economic transformation in the country. We believe in a scenario where all sectors of our economy build on the full potential of all our people and communities. A process that would address: restricted wealth creation, skewed ownership of economic assets, under development in sections of our society and in our specific sector access to technical and scientific skills by all the people in South Africa.

The Company has the majority ownership in the hands of black people. The board of the company comprise seven directors and associate directors, of which four are HDI’s.

The Company continually forms mutually beneficial alliances and associations with similar small companies, with a view of creating critical mass, skills sharing and expertise amongst the small entities. Further, other support services and suppliers are procured predominantly from black enterprises. The current procurement spent is estimated at R 2.2 million, with about 79% spent on black owned enterprises.

As part of the broader social responsibility, The Company is committed to affirm black people in all spheres. A philosophy that applies in and out of the company and extends to recruitment, education, career development as well as capacity building in the broader community. The company has undertaken “Pro Deo” work for several disadvantaged communities and organisations, amongst others, the Daveyton Centre for the Physically Disabled and People Opposing Women Abuse. Further, assistance has been provided to some smaller community formations or groupings. A new initiative is a commitment to the adoption of high school students for limited period with a view of exposing them to real engineering.

The Company, because of its size and ownership, is not a designated employer in terms of the Employment Equity Act.  However, the company fully embraces employment equity as demonstrated by a diverse staff profile below:

The Company has, over the past ten years, continually demonstrated interest, enthusiasm and capacity in the field of consulting engineering.  This has been evident through direct and extensive involvement of its HDI employees in assignments and at various strategic levels.  Team selection for each assignment ensures provision of as much opportunity as possible to HDI at all levels thus enabling increased experience and responsibility through out the project life cycle.  To date, within its capacity and the very real economic constraints, The Company has provided career opportunities, training and financial assistance to more than 40 HDI youth.

Who We Are

Our Values

We will continually challenge conventional wisdom in our pursuit to meet the human needs and an improved quality of life for all South Africans

Our Philosophy

A credo devised by James Yen in 1920 sums up our philosophy: “go to the people live among the people learn from the people plan with the people work with the people start with what the people know build on what the people have teach by showing, learn by doing not a showcase but a pattern not a piecemeal but an integrated approach not to conform but to transform not relief but release”

Our Approach

Integrity, Objectivity, Creativity
Understanding our Clients’ Interests
A Purposeful Management Approach